Company Profile

Company Profile

omnipeople S.A.

Est. 2007


1952-2 Funato
Chiba Japan 277-0802
TEL +81 4 71 34 67 67
FAX +81 4 71 34 69 69

West Branch Office

1-6-9 Kuwazu
Osaka-shi Osaka
Japan 546-0041
TEL +81 6 67 19 99 98
FAX +81 6 67 19 99 99

East Branch Office/Depot

1178-2 Kobuuchi
Chiba Japan 270-0221
TEL +81 4 71 96 34 41
FAX +81 4 71 96 34 42

Company profile

We are one of Japan’s largest wholesalers of European and North American used clothing.
We are currently importing in excess of 30 tons from Europe and America every month.
We carry a complete line of quality used clothing. Our product meets or exceeds our customers needs.
We work with our customers individually to provide specific items to cater to the customers market.
Our product remains at the cutting edge of today’s fashion trends.
Our high standard of quality ensures the customer is buying ‘as good as new’ used fashions.
There is no formula for fashion, fashion is completely unpredictable.
Our stock reflects the state of fashion. We are as unpredictable and diverse as the market.
Together we can create a personalized supply based on your markets needs.
We look forward to working together.
Used Clothing, Secondhand Clothes, Vintage, Antique, Fashion Brand, Used Shoes,
Household Items, and Miscellaneous Textile….. Great low prices for export from Tokyo, Japan.
Used Clothing Suppliers, Used Clothing Distributors, Used Clothing Wholesalers.